10 years since Columbine

Posted: April 20, 2009 in Random thoughts
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Today marks 10 years since the tragedy at Columbine High School. At the time, April 1999, I lived in Littleton, Colorado about a mile away from the school. I don’t claim to have been personally affected by the things that happened that day. I didn’t know anyone who went to school there. I knew the parent of a surviving student who went to school there. I knew a friend of Dave Sanders, the teacher who was killed. Yet somehow, I remember the events of that day as if it were yesterday. That terrible day holds the same sort of details as other difficult experiences in my life. I see the happenings in my memory with the same clarity that I have of the day my family and I did an intervention on my Dad to get him to stop drinking and the day of my high school senior year when I found out a close friend committed suicide. What is it about tragedies that etch themselves into our memory, many times even more so than the joyous occasions? Whatever the reason, these things stay with me. In honor of the students and teacher who were killed that day in April, 10 years ago, I planted some dwarf columbines in my backyard.


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