Whatever you think etisoppo eht kniht

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Books
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My creative director handed me a book on Friday to read and pass on. It’s called Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite by Paul Arden. It’s a pretty good read and talks about the benefits of making a bad decision. A little section of the book…

I WISH MEANS: wouldn’t it be nice if…
If you always make the right decision, the safe decision, the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else.
Always wishing life was different.

I WANT MEANS: if I want it enough, I will get it.
Getting what you want means making the decisions you need to make to get what you want.
Not the decisions those around you think you should make.
Making the safe decision is dull, predictable and leads nowhere new.
The unsafe decision causes you to think and respond in a way you hadn’t thought of.
And that thought will lead to other thoughts which will help you achieve what you want.
Start taking bad decisions and it will take you to a place where others only dream of being.

Quote within the book: by George Bernard Shaw
” A reasonable man adapts himself to the world. An unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

And one last part to add from the book. At this point, if you are interested, you can get it yourself and see what else it has to say.

“…Knowledge makes us play safe. The secret is to stay childish.”

I like the sound of that.


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