Posted: May 7, 2009 in Photography, Vacations/Travel
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The Hi-De-Ho

The Hi-De-Ho

(click image for larger view)

A tiny little cabin up past Rist Canyon outside of Ft. Collins, Colorado, the Hi-De-Ho sits on the side of the hill overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I wish I knew the story behind the building. I don’t know where it came from but for some reason it’s in my head that the Hi-De-Ho used to be a small hamburger stand somewhere and they moved it up the mountain and turned it into a cabin where you can stay for a few nights. (I might have just made that up.) There is a deck on the other side where you can sit in the mornings and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while taking in the crisp mountain air. Doesn’t that sounds perfect?

  1. HI Jenny,

    This is true. Or at least what I was told by the wranglers. It was a hamburger stand in Estes Park, then moved to this ranch and rented out for years to people like me. I made this my spiritual home for a number of years. Loved retreating there. No running water. A 270 degree view of the mountains. Then the fires of 2012 around Ft. Collings. Hi De Ho was the epicenter. They saved it I think but now no longer rent it. It is outside of Bellvue Colorado.

    I have meditated here, started books, finished articles, written poems, talked to nature. A truly marvelous little place. Thanks for bringing me there again.

    • Jenny says:

      I loved reading your memories of being up at the Hi-De-Ho cabin and what you would do there. That mountain is a peaceful place for sure. And thank you for the clarification on its history.

      Every summer, I volunteer for an oncology camp for kids. For years, Buckhorn Ranch, just down the road past the Hi-De-Ho, was our home for that one week. By the time we reached that small cabin on the long road up, the excitement was so extreme that it was spilling out the car windows that were always rolled down despite the dust that was flying all around.

      In part because of those fires in 2012 taking out several of the buildings that we needed to accommodate the number of kids and staff we have, we had to find a new location to run camp. I do miss that spot though. It’s a very special place. I sometimes wonder if you can still hear of our laughter amongst the aspens.

      It’s been a while since I’ve thought of all this. Thank you for sparking such wonderful memories again.

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