The tranquility of morning

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Photography, Vacations/Travel
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Sitting on the dock of the lake

Sitting on the dock of the, uh...lake.

This photo was taken at about 6:00 in the morning on Indian Lake. I got up to let my dog out to go to the bathroom. Our friend’s lake house has a wall with huge windows that look out over the lake. As I was going back up stairs, I glanced out the windows at the view. I got all the way upstairs and climbed back in bed. I was laying there thinking of how pretty it looked before the folks on the island got out to play. It was calm and peaceful. As comfortable as I was in bed, I decided to get up, dig out my camera and go take a few shots before I missed the opportunity. I’m glad I did now. It was well worth it.

  1. kim davalos says:

    Beautiful photo! I’m so happy you have a blog to share your insightful photos. Keep on keepin’on 🙂

    • Keith says:

      Why yes, Kim, it is a fine photo. Of course on the 25th she could have been at her brother’s 40th birthday but the lake is nice too. (I know sarcasm doesn’t work when you read it but I had to say something.)

  2. viktoryian says:


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