Posted: July 27, 2009 in Camp, Photography
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Here’s what I’ve noticed. Lots of rain in Colorado produces an abundance of beautiful wildflowers. If you have allergies, that can be pretty tough on you. If not, it’s spectacular. I couldn’t believe how many wildflowers there were in the meadows this year compared to previous years. Not only that but it was sooooo much greener than usual too. I didn’t think the scenery could possibly be any prettier than it already was. I was flat out wrong about that.

Colorado wildflowers

Colorado wildflowers

  1. […] remember this photo of wildflowers that I took at camp last year. You can see the original one here. I was playing with different actions on it in Photoshop and totally stumbled into something that I […]

  2. […] not bad, scary hallucinations, but “good hallucinations” (Sunlit meadows covered in wildflowers? Beautiful women? The latest iPhone? Fancy pre-amps? Doughnuts?) I’ll be disappointed if I […]

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