No such thing as too much Colorado

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Camp, Photography
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This one time…at cancer camp….my co-counselor buddy, James and I decided to go find the open field where the teenagers were planning on camping out. James said he knew the way so we walked. And walked. Through two closed gates and one No Trespassing sign. We walked. Finally we came to an area that we thought was surely the spot. It was gorgeous. There was a nice, flat meadow in one area that looked perfect for tent-pitching. There were wildflowers everywhere. (see previous post.) And there was a giant rock formation that was begging to be climbed. So we climbed it. James was in flip flops and I was carrying what felt like a 20 lb camera. But we climbed it anyway. So glad we did. As soon as we got to the top, we could see what was on the other side. This beautiful landscape laid out in front of us with rolling hills in the foreground and the Mummy Range in back, still with snow on top. What a sight!

SIDE NOTE: The spot we found, although spectacular, was not the camping spot for the teenagers after all. That’s really kind of too bad for them.

Colorado Landscape

Colorado Landscape


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