Baby photog

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Photography
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One of the things that I have always thought would be fun to do is be a baby photographer. Sure there would be days when the child is just not happy to be participating in such an event and they let you know it. That might be a little trying on the patience. But for the most part, they are so beautiful and bring such joy to be around. Seems to me that the good days WAY outweigh the tough ones.

This weekend, I went to my friend’s house to try and take some Anne Geddes-type, sleeping baby photos of her 12-day-old little girl. But even after a 75 degree house and a 25-minute feeding, that child was wide awake and not looking to fade off any time in the near future. So we ditched all effort and props that were gathered for the sleeping baby poses and moved forward with shots of her simply wrapped in a blanket. It actually turned out not too bad. This one might be my favorite of the day. It makes me giggle every time I look at it. Man! I would love to do this for a living.



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