Gulf Coast

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Photography, Vacations/Travel
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I was in Mobile, Alabama this past weekend at a conference for oncology camps for kids. (Pardon the mild bout of alliteration there.) We stayed at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel which was right on the water downtown. Our room overlooked the Gulf.

Whenever I could manage to barely open one eye to a slit at 5:30 in the morning, I almost saw that the sunrise could possibly have been something that I might wanted to witness. You know….given the opportunity. One morning, I managed open one eye fully and noticed the early morning left some fog on the water with a battleship silhouetted within it. It was quite cool. I almost thought I was seeing things. I got up and grabbed my camera, stumbed to the window and attempted to get a few shots before I crawled back in bed. I’m finally looking at those shots again…several days later. I guess I wasn’t seeing things after all. Turned out to be a pretty cool sight. Only thing I’m bummed about with the image is that you can see reflections in the glass that I was shooting through. Oh well, I was 19 stories up. It was through the glass or not at all.

Mobile, Alabama


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