Winter horizon

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Photography
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My parents live in rural Wisconsin. They have one house on one side of them and no one else immediately in front of, behind or on the other side. Sometimes it’s a hassle to be out there because it’s a long drive to anywhere. But I see why they like it. It’s more peaceful and quiet than the city.

This Christmas, we spent the long weekend with them. It had snowed a couple days before and the day after Christmas. There was a LOT of snow on the ground and it was beautiful. The morning before I left, I went out and took some shots in different areas of their yard. This one is basically what they see when they leave their house every day. Well…every winter day.

Winter Horizon

  1. Tami says:

    I actually shivered when I looked at this shot!! Nice work. Love the way the tree is placed in the framing of it.

  2. Kim Davalos says:

    I really like an open view like this. I wonder if that tree could hold a tree swing?!

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