Background textures

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Freebies, Photography, texture
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Below is a gallery of high resolution background textures that you can download for free and use as you wish. Background textures add an extra layer of interest to most photographs. Just drop them over an image in Photoshop and then play with different layer effects (i.e. multiply, hard light, overlay, etc.) and opacity until you get your desired result.

For examples of photos with textures over them, see Muddy Waters (which shows the original photo on click) and Retro Postcard. Enjoy!

  1. tharris09 says:

    You’re just so dad-gum handy to know! Thanks for the freebies!!! 🙂

  2. […] I added a texture over it. Actually, I added two textures. Conveniently enough, I used two of the background textures that I posted two entries before this […]

  3. […] used the same background textures that I uploaded previously. Here’s how my Photoshop layers look. We start from the bottom […]

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