Yellow tulips

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Photography, texture
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The tulips in the landscaping around the yard are looking pretty right now and probably have a few more days left in them before they start to fade for the year. As much as I like seeing them brightening up the exterior of the house, I couldn’t help but clip just one to brighten up the inside.

Naturally, I had to play with some textures over these images as well. I’m starting to wonder if I’m going a little too texture crazy. I’ve been trying the effect over everything lately. Below shows the original picture as well as the one with the texture. I’d love some input. Which do you like better?

Yellow tulip with texture

Yellow tulip

  1. Paulie says:

    Hey girlie…

    I, personally, am a fan of the original photograph as a photo, and the textured version as art. To me, they are totally separate in terms of how to appreciate them. Your skill as a photog is evident in the original; your creative/artistic ability is reflected in the textured version. Hopefully you don’t look at this a a cop out, it’s not. You have prodigious skill in both areas, be thankful for that!

  2. Kim Davalos says:

    Hi sweetie! I like both too, but if I had to chose I’d pick the photo without the texture (in this case). I love the way you’ve been using texture and in other instances I would pick the texture. Maybe it’s because I love flowers so much that I’m drawn to the silkiness and natural beauty of the original shot. All your photos are beautiful!

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