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Posted: March 16, 2011 in Freebies
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Lately, I have had need to create some different little pieces of art for my day job. Vector art. Also known as line art. I was in need of vector art for one thing or another and was having trouble finding what I needed so I had to create it myself. We ended up not using these and I didn’t like the thought of all that time going to waste. So I started thinking that I may as well share with the rest of the world in case anyone else finds themselves in the same search I did. Hopefull this will be useful to someone so I can feel like my time was better-spent.

WordPress would not let me upload .ai files for “security reasons” (whatever that means). The files that you can download are PDFs that can be brought into Illustrator or some other vector graphics editing program to use to your liking. Just click on the image, it will open a new window showing the PDF. You should be able to save to your computer from there. Feel free to use these three vector files as you wish.



Yellow van

  1. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

  2. Jolene Burd says:

    Thanks Jenny – I remembered this post from forever ago and just put that microphone on a flyer for my church. You rock!

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