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I was visiting my sister in Louisiana again. Man, do I enjoy that! I miss her and her family like you wouldn’t believe. But that’s a whole different post from what this one is intended to be. So anyway, while she was setting out Fall decorations and picking up her yard, I was taking photos. For some reason, my totally tidy sister had a couple of her kids’ old bikes parked up against the side of her house. Pine needles and leaves had gathered around them and I thought it looked pretty cool. She walked by at one point and wondered aloud at what I could possibly find interesting or pretty to be taking photos of in that pile of crap. Here’s what I saw. I thought it was interesting anyway.

Two old bikes

Two old bikes

Bike detail

Bike detail


I have this photo as my wallpaper right now. There’s not much to say about it really. I just like it. It’s from another one of those peaceful boat rides on Cross Lake. You can see (hopefully anyway) that you don’t want to get too close to the trees without inspecting for wasp/hornet’s nests. They are kind of everywhere and they were freaking my nephew out. Truthfully, they were freaking me out too. I do not want to be at the receiving end of an angry flying insect with nowhere to go but in the water with a possible gator or two. But as long as you avoid that catastrophe, it’s a pretty great ride.

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Among the trees

When I am among the trees

Another shot taken on Cross Lake in Shreveport, La. I love going out on this lake in the aluminum boat. Sometimes there are gators out there. Sometimes there are hornets nests in the trees. There are always lots of fish and beautiful egrets and herons. And there is always peace.

Cypress reflection

Cypress trees on the lake

Caution: Children playing

My nephew playing on his scooter. I love that my sister has taken the precautions to put the sign out stating that there are children present. So many people fly through residential streets without a care in the world and they put our kids at risk. It’s wild to me, though, to think of the differences between now and back when I was a kid. My nephew has the caution sign and the safety helmet. Which is smart, don’t get me wrong. It’s just strange to think that “when I was a kid” (that’s how you know you’re getting old), no one wore helmets or had signs. Our parents didn’t know where we were and that was ok as long as we were home when the street lights came on. Not only did we not wear seat belts but we actually rode down the highway in the back of a pickup truck and we’d fight over who got to ride on the wheel hump. It’s amazing that we all survived such precarious living.