Everyday Life


I found this photo buried in my computer. It still makes me laugh. It’s from the COCA conference when it was in Chicago a couple years ago. We were all on a scavenger hunt all along Michigan Avenue. I can’t remember exactly what led up to this point in the evening. Whatever it was, we were having fun.

Stop kicking my cow!

Stop kicking my cow!


My good friend passed away more than a year ago. August 18 was the day to be exact. Except he was more than a friend, he was like my other dad. My Pop B. I still miss him every day. I still hear his voice with his little quips of wisdom, like “gettin’ old ain’t for sissies.” Or his funny comments to or about Mom B., like “hot damn, Jenny (pronounced by Pop as “Ginny”) you’re right. Dana IS looking ooooold!” He was a funny man. He was a kind man. He was a good man. I’m so proud to have called him friend.

me and Pop B at my wedding reception.

me and Pop B at my wedding reception.

Landscape of the Heart by Brian Andreas

Landscape of the Heart. Storypeople by Brian Andreas


This is hilarious to me. I was searching through some of the photos on my computer and came across this one. I totally forgot about this collage. It was done specifically as a joke to a guy who used to work at my ad agency. He is, as you might expect, bald. A couple girls and this guy used to always play pranks on each other. For this one, they had everyone they came across at work put on a fake bald head and took a picture of it. Then they compiled them all together into this masterpiece, made posters out of them and put them up EVERYWHERE.

Click the photo if you’d like to see it larger.

Bald is beautiful

Bald is beautiful


Our dog is getting older. She’s 12 this year but is still spry and full of energy. Well, actually, she’s either on or she’s off. If she’s not tearing around the house or the yard then she’s asleep. But as she gets older, her ability to “hold it” when she has to go to the bathroom seems to be getting a little harder for her. She’s usually pretty good but sometimes…. The other morning my husband was about to let her outside before going to work. When he opened the door, she slinked outside. He couldn’t find her at first and didn’t know what was going on. He finally found that she peed inside. He went calling for her and found her in a place where she apparently felt the safest when she knew she was in trouble. The spot she found concerns me more than the pee in the house.

Sierra knows she's in trouble.

Sierra knows she's in trouble.

NOTICE: The things I write about in “Everyday Life” probably won’t be of interest to anyone who isn’t me or my husband or to anyone who doesn’t already know us. (Heck, it may not even be interesting to people who DO know us.) But this section is to share the every day things that happen in our world. We don’t live necessarily extraordinary lives. But we live good lives. And sometimes the day to day things that happen will make us giggle or cry or they are simply something worth sharing. So that’s what will happen here. It may be uninteresting to most. But it’s life…day to day…and it’s a great one.

  1. Keith says:

    This is pretty cool, Bean. I’ll check back often. I like the historical nature of some of the pics-any pic of a Chicago street HAS to be in B/W. Change the face of the dog and the color of the truck and I have seen this picture (“trouble”) before. K

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