One Day at a Time

A photo a day journal of 2010.



Wine gift

My brother and his sweet and lovely wife bought me this gift as a thank you for helping make a logo for the Rock County Republican Party. The party didn’t even use my logo but Keith fought hard for it and I appreciate that. I also appreciate this kick ass gift. I always love me some wine and Mirassou Pinot Noir is a good one. I likey. I also am totally digging this whatchamacallit thingamabob (I have no idea what it’s actually called) that gets placed on the wine bottle and holds two glasses. I mean, HOW COOL IS THAT?! If you don’t know, I’ll tell ya. It’s damn cool. Thanks, Keith and Jod-I. I love it and I love you-uns.



Pretend, if you will, that all these days are filled in with some really fantastic photograph depicting exciting adventures from my life. However….I’m here to tell you that it might never happen. I’m coming to grips with that and you should too. I made a valiant effort to take a photo every day and share a year of my life with you. But you know what, sometimes it’s good to know when to say when. Or maybe I just got lazy. It’s certainly one or the other. Either way, I’ll still probably add photos here and there but I’m relieving myself of the responsibility to add one every day. I just don’t need that kind of pressure.




This big bad boy was outside our house (thank GOD he was outside and not inside!). He had to be 2″ long. Cah-reeeeee-pyyyyy!!! I’ve decided I’m not a big fan of bugs. Yikes!



4th of July


Looks like I swirled the flag image in photoshop but really this is what it looks like to sit directly underneath a flag that’s waving in the wind. Happy Birthday, America. May you have many more to come.



Every color in the rainbow

At Double H Ranch in New York, they have all kinds of fun buildings on the grounds. This one caught my eye. I think it was a storage building for their ropes course. It was very brightly painted with each plank of wood a different color in the rainbow. How can you not be happy being around buildings like this??





Swimming retreat

Swimming pool at the in-laws’ house. I wish I had more time to make it up there and lounge by this. But whenever I do get to go, I enjoy the relaxation and the sunshine.







These two little girls live in my neighborhood. They were running by one day and stopped to see what I was doing. I asked if I could take a photo of them and told them to say “cheese.” These are the faces that I got from that. They were saying cheese….in the most monotone, non-expressive way. It was hilarious.



Canon EOS Elan 7e

Oh my old film camera. The Elan 7e. I loved that camera. It took great photos, was pretty darn quiet and was always reliable. But, alas, I’m selling this puppy. Gotta gather as much money is possible to upgrade my Canon 30D digital camera to the Canon 7D. Wahooooo!!! I can almost feel that bad boy in my hands already.




This huge pile of ants developed in about a minute out front of our house. I turned my back for the smallest amount of time and turned back to find them. Not sure where they came from or what they were all gathered around but just as quickly as they showed up, the dispersed. Weird!



More rain

Rain rain go away. Come again when we’re sleeping.



Crazy creepy clouds

New Cloud Type Discovered: ‘Undulus Asperatus’

Bizarre!!! Check out this article on them.



Gardening tools



Early bloom



Flying Horse Away



Natural Soda

Dr. Becker by Blue Sky. Made with real sugar. Yum.


MAY 26

Long overdue gift

My friends, Kim and Milton, got married in April and I decided to make them a photo book of the pictures I took at their wedding as part of their wedding gift. I meant to get that to them in a timely manner. But…did I mention they got married in April? Yeah. That would be April of 2009. I’m just giving her the book tonight. So much for timely manner.


MAY 25

Happy Birthday, Chump!


MAY 22

Happy 6th Anniversary, baby!!


Well, this is not the ideal photo to represent our 6th wedding anniversary. Two shots of Jagermeister. But what the hell, it’s what I’ve got. Patrick and I are staying at a cool hotel in Cuyahoga Falls for the weekend. Tonight was a great acoustic show by Five for Fighting. After the show, we decided to head back to the hotel and hang out at the bar for a while. It was nice to just visit with each other with few other distractions. We don’t do that near enough.


MAY 21

The Onion

This year, I bought “The Onion” birthday cards for my brother, his wife and their daughter. I thought they were funny. Not sure what they thought about it.

Here’s what I got each of them.

I think the shit’s funny. 🙂


MAY 18

Shades. Good food.

Going away lunch for Sanford today. Naturally, we had to go to Shades. As we were checking out, the sales receipt got longer and longer. I mean, there were a lot of people there but dang!


MAY 16

I love me some Brooks and Dunn. I’m sad they are breaking up but I’m glad to get to see them during their final tour….The Last Rodeo. Which, by the way, is the name of a song Kix wrote before he got together with Ronnie Dunn on this album which is creatively called Kix Brooks.


MAY 14

Laughing at Scott’s misery


MAY 13

Fundraising event for Flying Horse Farms

This young guy did a fine fine job speaking in front of all these adults about going to camp and what it did for him. He didn’t seem nervous up there at all. High five, kid!


MAY 12


MAY 11

Great seats at BNL


MAY 10

Dinner at Dirty Franks

Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace. I believe this is Patrick’s favorite place to eat in Columbus. His goal is to try every hot dog on the menu. Tonight’s order: Lara’s Pittsburgh Princess (topped with slaw, fresh cut fries and malt vinegar) and The Doginator (Bacon-wrapped dog topped with beef brisket, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and onion rings). As it says on the menu, “Hasta la vista, hunger!”

I had the Cowgirl Carmen (not seen here) — topped with meat coney sauce, cheddar cheese and crushed Fritos. Yum! And so good for you.



Two mushroom palaces and one mushroom slum



One blue egg

We were given two dozen fresh brown eggs from a friend. Well, one shy of two dozen. That one fell into the blue egg category. I’m curious to see what color the yolk will be.



construction zone



Does a bear s*** in the woods?

I thought it was a tree. And I thought no one was looking!



Swinging with Elmo

This little guy LOOOOOOVES Elmo. But he wasn’t so sure of him when the big red one arrived at his birthday party. It took a little while for him to feel comfortable enough to get even remotely close to Elmo. But he warmed up eventually. This might have been the cutest moment I’ve seen in a long long time.



Thirster Orange Juice

This can of orange juice has been wedged between the seat and the neck rest for as long as I’ve known Steve Chacon.



Dying flowers



Plotting their mode of action

Both dogs spotted the squirrel in the backyard. If only there were no screen between them and it. It would be all over for Mr. Happy Tail.



Shown here are garments I will most likely never own. It’s hard to tell in the photo but that little number at the bottom of those price tags is $450. There wasn’t even that much material to them.



Better magazines



Water droplets in a SmartWater bottle






These were not as fun as they look.



Approaching the end of its days

And so are the days of our lives, huh? It didn’t take long for the tulip to overextend itself. It had a short life but it was magnificent.



Perfectly open
It’s Sunday morning. As bright as the sun is shining, so is that perfect little tulip. It’s opened up to welcome the day.


Flower from the garden

I clipped this tulip from the front yard. I couldn’t help myself. I need all that I can get out there to make things look pretty and colorful and fun. But  I couldn’t help myself and I had to bring one inside. Even just one tulip can change a room.



Dinner with Machucas

A couple of our favorite people in the world, the Machucas…Todd and Dana. They came down for a volleyball tournament  that Todd plays in. They only live 2 hours away yet we still only visit once or twice a year. Not sure what’s wrong with us there. Life’s too short to not spend it with people we care about.



What time is it? Balloon Time!!!

Had a photo shoot for Balloon Time today. Couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather cooperated perfectly. The talent was awesome (for the most part). The photographer and his entourage are always a joy to work with. I got to spend the entire day outside in what ended up being an 80º day. I mean… overall ……PERFECT!!

Seen here….Julie in the foreground looking ever-so-splendid. The set up for a balloon flower garden in the background waiting for adorable little girls to come play. LOVE IT!



Used lemons

I used them.

And I love macro.



New lemons

I bought lemons.



I spy with my little eye…

Playing with the extension tubes again. This is a closeup on the eye of U.S. Grant’s eye gracing one side of the $50 bill.



Noah James Burd

My friend, Jolene, had her BEAUTIFUL little baby boy yesterday. We’ve been waiting for this little guy to join us. He’s cuter than I even thought he would be. And that’s sayin’s something because I knew he was going to be adorable! I just wanted to eat him up!!!!! (….there aren’t enough explanation points in the world…)



Macro has a photography contest and the subject is “macro.” I was playing with my new, snazzy 24-70 f/2.8L lens along with all three of my Kenko extension tubes and it allowed me extreme macro capabilities. This here is the side edge of a tiny little leaf. I’m a little bummed though. Last photo contest, the subject was “green.” This would have been a viable candidate in that one too but I hadn’t taken it  yet. Oh well. Wish me luck on this one.



Best of Show

And here we have, ladies and gentlemen, the winner for Best of Show. My mug was a success and I won a gift card to Starbucks for it. Sweet! As stunning as this masterpiece is….and it is stunning….I think the only reason I won is because I actually made something….like a THING thing…..out of the bacon and everyone else made something to eat. I have to admit though, their items were much more tasty.



In the raw

My creative director loves bacon. Bacon anything. Bacon everything. We were talking about it one day at work and decided that we needed to have the 1st Annual Bacon Bash. Basically, the task as simple. Make something out of bacon. I made a mug……sort of. Here it is before being cooked. If I had to do it again, I’d know a couple tricks to make this project a little easier. But for now, it’s good enough.



A different kind of major award

The trophy that Patrick and I won for “Best Couple” at the Thrift Store Formal (see February 20) still sits on my cabinet at work. It’s good to keep these kinds of things around to spark fun and creativity. Sometimes I need all the help I can get.



old girl

A photo of my sweet dog taken with my sweet lens. You have to click on the photo to view it larger and see just how sharp this bad boy focuses. Look at the hairs on her face! I just love it.



sock monkey

I got this sock monkey in the mail from my sweet friend, Tracy Mae. He’s been sitting on my desk at home…with this constant look of angst. I think I let him down.



Dying Easter eggs


Before we cleaned up and headed back to Columbus, we spent the morning dying Easter eggs. Some were tie-dyed. Some were plaid. Patrick’s was an intricately woven and aesthetically pleasing work of art. It took him a while to create. But then again, you can’t rush an artist.

P.S. Best line from the weekend…”Circus hippos. They float mostly and wear little beanies, I think.”



Old Man’s Cave

Getting some fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature at Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills.



Standing her ground in Scattergories.

For Easter weekend, the Smith family planned on renting a cabin down in Hocking Hills. It was the First Annual Smith Getaway. It was Bill and Janet, me and Patrick and Steve and his girlfriend, Jamie. It was so fun having Jamie there. That girl is as sweet and as funny as can be. Most of our family time consisted of playing games together. Seen here is Jamie in the “are you shitting me?” position as she debates with Steven about his nixing of one of her answers.




Ok, so this would be an example of one of those photos that are mentioned in the disclaimer in the March 31 write-up. I just got out from some outpatient surgery. I was still a little groggy. I somehow knew that I still needed my POTD so I pulled the P&S from purse and snapped this one. I took it of the building because I thought it was ironic that I just finished an ad for this very building a few weeks before. I love that I didn’t even bother trying to shoot around the car antenna.



The start of it all

Today marks the day that my new camera lenses arrived. From this day forward, my photos will be more spectacular, sharper, more colorful, more interesting, more income-producing, friendlier, healthier and will, eventually, achieve world peace. (disclaimer: this statement does not apply to those days when I take my POTD with my little point and shoot Elph or my iPhone.)



drive thru



Houdini the squirrel

This squirrel is persistent, to say the least. He wasn’t giving up until he got some of those seeds. I swear he was hanging by that tree with only one hind paw. He’s an acrobatic little sucker.



new life

I love spring!!!



And I play hockey hockey hockey hockey hockey hockey all the time.

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. New York Islanders with Julie and Geoff. Actually ended up being a great game except we lost in overtime.




Went to Mr. Sushi (DANG YUMMY!!) tonight with our friends, Shandra and Terry. I think we ate our weight in sushi and every bite was so darn good. I don’t even know what to say about this picture except that it CRACKS ME UP!!!



Veggies and tulips



Colorful dragonfly

The sun is starting to shine more. The weather is turning warmer. Soon, real dragonflies will be buzzing around.




Wow. Riveting. My cereal. The photo isn’t even in focus. Wow. That’s just bad.




I love me some shallow depth of field!



New garden additions

The back yard has been brown and drab due to winter. While we wait for spring colors to arrive, we decided to embellish.



Ring! Ring! Ring! …went the little bells left on the table.

Awwww! Isn’t this the sweetest. My friends, Amanda and Todd, got married today. I couldn’t be happier for them. I love weddings and people in love. Makes my heart smile.

At this wedding reception and unbeknownst to the happy couple, it seems Amanda’s mom took the liberty of leaving bells at everyone’s place setting with a sweet little note. We ring bells. Todd and Amanda kiss. Every. Single. Time. Before the day was up, I think T&A (BAAAHA!! I said T&A!!) were about ready to put those bells where the sun doesn’t shine.



Program building as the sun goes down.

Taking a tour of the progress of Flying Horse Farms was truly amazing. There are many buildings up and taking form everywhere. Camper cabins, med shed, dining hall, staff housing and, as the day was coming to a close, we toured the program building. This is going to be a stunning building with 4-6 huge garage-style doors along one side, a stage along the other side and a section of bathrooms, cubbies and a warming room on another side that lead to the future swimming pool. I love the thought of the children that will be running around, playing, laughing and, most especially, enjoying their time to just be a kid.



signs of spring

Today was the second official long walk day of the year for Sierra. The weather has been beautiful and she’s happy to bounce around the streets seeing all her old friends again. As we were cruising the neighborhood I noticed all the little signs of spring peaking up through the old and tired mulch. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve laid eyes upon since, ummmm….last spring. Don’t you just love new growth?



A magnetic high wire of energy

Wendy Bender



Hoover Reservoir

Driving to work after a Wendy’s Chili Open breakfast honoring the donors, volunteers and recipients of their very successful fundraising day. It was a beautiful morning with sunshine. Glorious sunshine. Oh how I’ve missed you.



I decided to take a small series of background images around my house, inside and out. It doesn’t matter what they’re of, really. But they are such great tools to add interest to your photograph. For examples of how textures can change a finished photograph, see Muddy Waters (which shows the original photo on click) and Retro Postcard.

Today’s photo of the day is actually going to be featured on the main “As I see it…” page. There’s a gallery of high res images. Feel free to download them and use however you see fit.



The choir sings

Service at Church of St Paul in the Desert Episcopal in Palm Springs, CA.

I know. It seems odd that I have my camera out during a church service. But they asked me to since they were having a celebration for Aunt Helen after it was over. I was only doing as I was told.



Aunt Helen

I love this picture. It’s Aunt Helen giving me the stink eye. Come this Wednesday, this cute little lady will have been on this planet for an entire century. And look at her. Still as young and spry as ever! Apparently, at her last doctor’s appointment, the doctor told her she was in great health and could easily live another 10 years. Aunt Helen looked over at her son who she lives with and said,“lucky you!”

UPDATE: I just found out Aunt Helen was featured on the news out there in Palm Springs. That’s just too cool. Check it out.



A strange little southwestern creature of some kind.

I really don’t know what else to say about this little guy. He’s strange. He’s blue. He’s celebrating something. I choose to believe he’s thanking the good Lord for the margarita that I’m drinking when I took this photo.



I call this….”Lame”

This is an I-don’t-feel-like-taking-a-photo-today photo. Partially dead little tiny pansies. At least I think they’re pansies.



At Angel’s show

Patrick and I went to a concert tonight at the Newport to see Angel Taylor. She’s one of the artists that my brother-in-law, Steve manages. Actually, embarrassingly, we missed Angel’s entire show. It was a Keystone Cops comedy skit trying to get to the damn thing. If I find myself with excess time one day, I’ll update this to tell you what happened.

Anyway, I should have asked Angel and her friend to be in my POTD but I know she gets asked all the time and I didn’t want to be another annoying fan. So I resisted the urge. And instead, before we left, I made Patrick get in the photo with me. There you have it.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom and Debbie!!!




I like to call this work of art, “Messy Desk.” I’ll sell it for millions.




I think Sierra sees a squirrel.



My crazy coonass sister

It was so great spending the weekend with my sissy. As muuuuuuuuch as I love her kiddos and love having them around (because I DO, you know), it was really nice having her all to myself for a couple days. Well, almost all to myself. I had to vie for her attention with the Words With Friends game on her iPhone.



Kind coffee

After a night of two martinis and a good bit of wine, there’s nothing like waking up to Kind Coffee.



Grey Goose martini straight up, very dirty with blue cheese olives

“I’ll have two of those, please?”

My crazy coonass sister came to visit me this weekend. I picked her up from the airport and we went straight out to Martini Park. Started off with some vodka martinis and finished with some wine. Somewhere in the middle, she flicked cantaloupe balls at the person sitting behind me. Did I mention she was crazy? But we had FUUUUN!



Nectar of the Gods

A good friend of mine is a beekeeper. He and his wife have been doing that for a little more than 8 years or so. He was telling me one day of the many virtues of honey. Come to find out…this stuff is AMAZING. Apparently, five tablespoons of honey a day will work some pretty serious wonders for a body. But seriously, FIVE TABLESPOONS?! That’s a lot. Especially for a person who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. (not counting for those chocolate chip cookies!!)

So anyway. He sent me some honey. And by “some” I mean LOTS. This here is my third mason jar of it. I have one more left. I have to admit though. 100% pure, straight from the bee’s bum honey is so much better than the store-bought stuff. Sure does make the five tablespoons a day a whole lot easier to swallow.



More door pulls

Here you have it. The remaining cabinet doors and their new hardware. These are in our master bathroom. You have to realize…even though we built this house, there were (are) tons of finishing touches yet to be finished. I have to realize…just because I find these details intriguing, doesn’t mean you will.

Therefore, I promise not to show you any more door pulls or drawer pulls or any other form of cabinet hardware from this day forward. This is my solemn vow.



Complementary pepper

This pepper was entirely green when I bought it. But that was about a week ago. Something happened in that time. Something terrible happened. I became incredibly intimidating. So I didn’t eat it.



Taco night

Between the brightly painted 3-bowled serving thingie and some of the ingredients I was using to prepare for dinner, there was almost too much color going on. I put an end to that! You get red tomatoes. And you’ll like it!



“There’s a sale at Penneys!!”

Patrick kicking back reading the Sunday morning paper. Those are some big feet.




Red apples. Red pepper. You could have figured that out for yourself, though, huh?




Blue Moooon you saw me standing alone…

Friday afternoon at work: Celebration of 3 Gold Addy’s, 11 Silver Addys …. and let’s not forget that Best of Show. Cheers!

P.S. Happy 9th Birthday to my nephew and Godson, Geoffrey!!!



Naked Addys

Tonight was the Addy (Ad Federation) Awards for 2009. The theme was Naked Addys. The nights started with a video of a man running throughout town past all the ad agencies and stripping his clothes off all along the way. At the end of the video, he was at the hotel where the ceremonies were held, he took off his last item of clothing, his boxer shorts, and entered the room. At that moment the door to the room we were in opened and the guy came running in like this.

All I have to say is….that is one brave man!

It was an awesome night that was topped off with our agency, Fahlgren, winning Best Of Show for the NAPA 2009 NASCAR/NHRA TV. Check out the winning spots here. I was soooooooooo happy for our guys. They deserved it!



Let the Sunshine In

You gotta love Trader Joe’s, huh? It’s colorful. It’s fun. It makes it feel like spring is here even when it’s snowing YET AGAIN. It sells Sunshine Bouquets. And all this happens just inside the front door. Don’t even get me started on the food counter with the yummy samples!



Sweet old girl

Sierra dog sat there for me through about 5 shots before she had enough, walked across the room, turned her back to me and laid back down. She’s a little camera shy. Or she doesn’t like the flash blinding her every couple seconds. It’s one or the other.



Put a Face On Fun

Spent the day at a photo shoot for work. Those are always so much fun. And this one was of a little boy to put his sweet face on some product packaging so that made it even better. He was great. He was four so he was distracted easily. But overall, he did a really good job.

Of course, I spent half the time drooling over all the fancy photography equipment and wishing I had some of my own. <sigh> Maybe in another life.



For Canon AF

Using two extension tubes (20mm and 36mm) along with my 50mm lens allow for incredibly shallow depth of field. Those three words embossed on my lens cap are maybe only one inch in combined length.



We went to a Thrift Store Formal party….meaning, our fancy outfits had to come from a thrift store. I had on a lovely iridescent peachy/pinky-ish colored (had to be) bride’s maid dress with a rosette on the bodice and wore it with some heinous silver heels. Patrick had on three different patterns between his jacket, shirt and pants. It hurt your eyes to look at him. Plus, his pants were about 5 inches too short, he was wearing white socks and wingtips. People were calling him “Kramer!” But we won the award for “Best Couple” so we must have done something hideously right.



beauty basics

I got my toenails did. And I’m the one that did ’em. That’s the color right there. It’s called Royal Flush Blush from O.P.I.

Of course it goes on a lot lighter than what it looks in the bottle. A lot lighter! It’s just about the same color as my skin…’cept a little shinier. So it almost doesn’t look like my nails been did at all.



Snow bunny

Patrick bought me some cool new snow boots for Valentine’s Day. Shipping took a little longer than expected so they just arrived today. They’re a rather unconventional Valentine’s Day present but I like it better that way. The good Lord knows I don’t need any more candy right now.



Yo quiero que mi soda de pomelo

Met my friend, Kim, for dinner at Taco al Pastor. We drank Toronja.

There was another photo taken of the two of us that I wanted to post instead of this one. But she got a panicked look in her eyes when I suggested possibly using it for my Photo of the Day so I decided against it. She looked a ton better than I did in the photo so I’m not sure what she was worried about but I chose not to stress her out anyway.



Leaf on snow

I think the photo tag just about sums it up.



Just to give some perspective of how much snow we have piled up…the little bit of black that you see at the top of that pile on the left is our mailbox. Good grief, when will it end?

If you click on the image, you’ll get a better (larger) view of the picture so you can tell a little more of what we’ve been up against.



I you

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Isn’t this one of the most pitiful things you’ve ever seen? I know it must be. And one of the most pitiful sounds is her whimpering when she wants to go outside, or when she wants a treat…or when her mom gets out of eyesight. Truth be told, though, she gets around pretty good with that thing. And it’s a festive little accessory too. So she’s got that going for her… which is nice.



Lunchtime visit

Entertaining myself while standing in line at Cosí.




Between plowing the street, shoveling the driveway and continuous days of snowfall, we are another day or two away from completely losing our mailbox under the white stuff. When is spring getting here again?




I do my part to gather the pieces needed to make artwork.



mmmm…..Chocolate chip cookies

My favorite sweet thing. That one in the center there…..I ate it. And I’m not ashamed of saying so.




Here’s something we don’t see in Ohio in the wintertime…….sun! Look at that. There are shadows cast across the snow! Too cool. Who knew this phenomenon was possible anywhere this time of year? Especially Ohio. It’s like capturing Big Foot on camera.



Table centerpiece

Ok, it’s February 7 and I still have the holiday centerpiece on our dining room table. But I like it. So I’m in no hurry to put it away. Leave me alone. 😉




Well, it’s official. The weather not only kept my Mom and Dad away but it kept Patrick’s Mom and Dad away too. Stupid weather. So we went from having a full weekend planned and a full house to nothing to do. (…not counting spending half the day at the zoo to help paint kids’ faces at the Wendy’s Chili Open. Fun, by the way.)

Since I was so busy painting rose bouquets and tie dye peace signs (and since I left both cameras at home, but we won’t talk about that), I didn’t get my photo of the day at the Wendy’s Chili Open like I was hoping I would. So instead, you’re stuck looking at fruit. Hey…it’s all I got.



THE BLIZZARD OF 2010!!!!!!!!!!

It started snowing earlier today. First it was small flakes but they turned into gigantic, wet and seriously heavy snow by the evening. We’re supposed to get anywhere from 6 – 10 inches total. Some have started referring to this as “THE BLIZZARD OF 2010!!!” People get a little over dramatic about this kind of thing. And by “people” I mean the media. Two years ago, it snowed about 21 inches over about a day and half. Sure, that’s a lot….but still. Every opportunity to emphatically blurt out “THE BLIZZARD OF 2008!!!” was seized. It was ridiculous.

My Mom and Dad were supposed to drive here from Wisconsin this weekend to spend some time with us. I was really looking forward to it. Now it seems the weather is bad enough that it might not happen. Booo!! Even though this storm didn’t come close to amount we got two years ago, it’s enough to cancel travel plans. So telling why my parents couldn’t make it, I’m going to simply explain that it’s because of the “BLIZZARD OF 2010!!!!”



Happy Birthday, Nick

Today is our friend, Nick’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Nick. Patrick and I met up with him and his adorable wife, Liz along with some other friends and coworkers for dinner and drinks at the Grandview Cafe. It was great spending time with everyone again. It’s been a while since I’ve seen most of them. Bummer though that I left my camera at home. The best I could do was with my camera phone at the last second as Nick was blowing out the candle on his No Name Dessert while blocking the flame with his enormous hand. (I love perspective photos.)




Ah boo. I came home to find Patrick picking up the last few pieces of our little ceramic sugar bowl. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that important but I did like it a lot. We received the sugar bowl with a bunch of fun, colorful and unusually small (at least by American standards) coffee and tea cups and saucers. We received them from some relatives who are equally as fun and colorful. They lived in England for many years and sent them from there. The company that makes them is called Whittard of Chelsea. I’ve found other Whittard items online but I have yet to find the multi-colored square mosaic that we have. If anyone knows where I can find another one, please let me know!

Side note: I think Patrick has a subconscious thing against pottery. This is at least the third ceramic something that broke on his watch. I’m beginning to get suspicious.



My new life with Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop

All I can say is, “Wow!!” A guy at work turned me on to Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop. I ordered one and it just came in today. I don’t know how I ever took indoor photos without it.

Check out the difference it makes with my pup, Sierra. The first image was taken using the built-in flash on my Canon 30D. I’m about four feet or so away. Everything is completely blown out. The second image was taken with the exact same settings and at the same distance. The only difference was that I used the Lightscoop. It’s this simple gadget that slides onto the camera’s hot shoe. Look how beautifully it distributes the light. Sierra’s fur is perfectly exposed….every black and grey hair on the old girl. Even her eyes look right. (Yes, they’re that cloudy. The girl is 13 years old. It happens.)

I truly believe this a piece of photography equipment that’s worth having in your camera bag. It’s lightweight, never needs batteries and best of all, you can get one for only about $20-$25. Actually, I did some quick searching and the cheapest I found it was at Adorama. Additionally, there was free shipping and it came FAST! I LOVE it when that happens.



Drawer pulls

To go along with our kitchen cabinet door pulls (see January 28 post), we now have the drawer pulls completed. I’m digging them. It’s so much nicer than having to grasp the edge of the cabinet door to open it. Seems like a small thing but it makes a difference both functionally and aesthetically. So there you go.



Life by Chocolate Cupcakes

I’m going to say it right here and right now. The Pioneer Woman is dead set on making me fat! I don’t know what she has against me. But she keeps putting recipes on her website like THIS!! Did you know there are two sticks of butter in this recipe? TWO STICKS!!! Do you also realize that having that information, I still can’t resist it? No matter how much I fight it, I always wind up losing. I had to make these cupcakes. And not only that. I had to eat them. Life is cruel. And by “cruel,” I mean….SO GOOD!



Walking on water?

This was kind of funny. The pond where the geese hang out was frozen over. They were just standing there. On top of the water. Without budging. It almost looked like their little webbed feet were frozen to the surface. Except dude on the right. He outsmarted Mother Nature. Only one of his feet got stuck.




Can anyone tell me which holiday is coming up? I can’t remember.



Door Pulls

Finally, after almost 3 years in the house, we got hardware put on our kitchen cabinets. Oh, the difference it makes.



Love that ridiculous depth of field

Still playing with that 50mm lens.

Exposure: (1/100)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 50 mm
ISO Speed: 1250
Exposure bias: + 2/3



50mm f/1.8 lens

Preface to the story: During the photo shoot this past Sunday, Nathan (who was our behind-the-scenes photographer) was showing me his 50mm f/1.8 camera lens. It was so cool and took such great candid photos with a sharp focal point and beautifully blurred background. I was drooling over it and tried to steal it. But, he told me that it was actually only around $100. Totally affordable and if I didn’t have other things going on right now that were ridiculously costly, I’d find a way to get it and get it fast.

Then I started thinking. And I remembered that I had a 50mm lens that I almost never used. I can’t even remember where I got it. So I went digging through my closets this evening after work and I FOUND IT!! I already have one!!! I was so excited.

Check out the depth of field on this puppy. That drill bit is only about 2 1/2 inches long yet the base of it where the words are is in focus and the top of the bit is totally blurred. <drool> I love it!



Weird. I know.

I was trying to document how the tips of my fingers turn completely white and go numb when I’m in the cold. This kind of thing doesn’t happen on demand, you know, so I had to take advantage of it when it happened. And I also wanted to show how it happens on both hands. But obviously, it’s a little difficult to take a picture without the use of either hand. But being the crafty one that I am, I lodged the camera between my chin and my chest and set the timer so I didn’t have to hit the button. Unbelievably, I got my hands in the frame. I got a couple other things in the frame too….. but umm…. let’s not talk about that.

When I reviewed the photo, I realized that absolutely everything about it was just plain weird and bizarre and, to me, really damn funny. So it was the obvious choice for today’s POTD.



makeover/photo shoot: early stages

I had to get up at about 6:30 this Sunday morning to go to work. Anyone who knows me knows that ain’t no simple thang. But I did it…. remarkably.

I had a photo shoot set up for a print ad for work. We’re doing it for a local salon chain. We lined up three (which turned into four) girls who got complete makeovers. Hair cut, color, eyebrows done, makeup, nails. We did the before shots and then documented the entire transformation process for each on both photo and video. Then we had a professional photographer shoot each of them with two different looks. All the girls will be featured on their website and then we chose one photo to go into the print ad and in-salon signage. It actually turned into a really good day. It was a long one but, overall, pretty darn good.

Seen here is preparation for the photo shoot: the first girl getting her makeup done, another girl in the black and white cape in the background is in the middle of her hair cut, the behind-the-scene photographer and videographer, the salon owner’s wife, the wardrobe folk in the background to the right and a few other people who work for the salon.


Photo by the behind-the-scenes photographer, Nathan.

Here’s me hard at work in all my Art Director glory. Impressive isn’t it?


<sigh> Ok.



vintage photo

We went to our friends, Bill and Cara’s house for dinner. Cara made these yummy pizzas that were actually pretty low in calories. Who’da thought to do something like that when you could choose to cook with six tablespoons of butter instead? But she did it. And she did it well. Naturally at the last moment of the evening when I haven’t yet taken even one “photo of the day” and we are on our way out the door, I piped up about how very important it was that I get my photo in that day. Thankfully we have cool and accommodating friends. We all gathered around and….voila!



Onions sautéed in butter. More health food.

It’s Friday night. I decide to cook something for dinner from the one blog that I can’t seem to get enough of… There was a recipe featured on her site for Grilled Ribeye Steak with Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce. Sounds to die for, huh? Well, it is. And maybe a little sooner than what you’d hope. The recipe calls for 6 tablespoons of butter! Six!!2 to sauté the onions and 4 to cook the steaks. My smile widens and my arteries clog a little bit more just talking about it.



Trader Joe’s

So far, I think this is my favorite picture of the day. I love the colors and everything that’s going on. There’s a lot going on there. Additionally, Evan here was kind enough to pose for me. He was a little confused at what I was doing. But he was accommodating.

Side note: I was starving while walking around Trader Joe’s looking for something to make for dinner. I passed by this counter three times, getting a little closer to it each time. It smelled awesome. So, after taking the photo of Evan and TJ’s product of the day, I sampled what they were displaying. Those Saucy Scallops with Mushrooms were quite tasty! So I bought myself a bag.

THANK YOU (trash)



Carousel Hiney

Without knowing the story behind this image, it almost looks like it could have a story. Maybe even a good one. Maybe there was a mysterious location of an old, abandoned fair ground where something creepy happened or someone went missing. Maybe I was the one who stumbled upon this location and found myself in a real mess while trying to save said missing person from inside the broken down carousel. It’s almost possible. Almost believable. Almost.

But the real story is that Patrick and I were eating dinner. At Applebee’s. 2 for $20 special. No mystery. No fair ground. No real carousel. Just a plastic horse butt in our face. The first story was way more interesting….even if it wasn’t remotely believable.




I like to call this one “Organization.” I lack it in most aspects of my life but from our kitchen wall, you’d almost never know it.

Oh, an P.S., our wall is not all stained up like that. I put a texture over the image. Just so you know.



My attempt at a healthy dinner.

Dinner. Sautéed chicken with caprese salad. It looked better than it tasted.



Red Red Wine

Detail of what I hope to be one of my last glasses of wine for a long time.

UPDATE: It won’t be.



Christmas cactus

I was noticing today that my Christmas cactus still has pretty blooms on it. Don’t know how long they are supposed to last but I like that they are still there. I do believe, though, that it’s about time to repot this poor little guy. He has almost nowhere to go in this small, chipped pot.



Miracle drugs going to work

While Patrick is away at camp, I’m having to do the shots myself. Thankfully they aren’t too bad. I always wondered how my little sister (who has diabetes) could tolerate taking shots every single day. These are the same kind of syringes that she uses. She’s been doing this since she was four. I’ve only been using them for about a week. I know there’s no comparison but I have a better idea now, is all.



Good Life Good Times. Dinner at Bon Vie with my lovely MIL.

iPhone photo at night in the cold when I’m shivering. Not the best quality but still counts. My sweet mother-in-law came down to Columbus to spend some time with me. We had a nice dinner, shared a bottle of wine and caught up on lots of good things.



Apple TV

For Christmas, I got Patrick an Apple TV. He just set it up. Here it is. That’s all I have to say about that.



filler 3 – Sierra in the box

I don’t know what happened this day. Whatever it was, I didn’t photograph it. So instead, another filler picture. The third one already this year. And truth be told. I didn’t even take this picture. Patrick did. He took it yesterday while we were getting our room back together after having it painted. I was sitting on the ledge of our bedroom (see January 10 photo), hanging pictures. Sierra was all freaked out about me sitting up there. She’s such a worry wart. She kept running in the bathroom so she didn’t have to look at the impending catastrophe of me falling off. I didn’t really fall. But she was sure I would.

Anyway, Patrick made her come in the room with us. Our Italy trunk was not yet up on the ledge so Patrick made Sierra get inside. That just freaked her out even more. But she’s a good dog so she stayed while P got a photo. Then she bolted.



painted room

On January 3 (when I didn’t take the daily photo), we had most of the rest of our house painted. It’s so nice to have color in here instead of the bone-colored, barely-better-than-straight-primer stuff that was on the walls for the last two and a half years. Our bedroom has a vaulted ceiling and a ledge high on one wall. We decided to paint the walls with Behr’s “Rocky Mountain Sky” (anyone who knows me is not all that surprised by that choice.) and the ledge a medium brown called “Portobello.”

Today, we finally got most of our room set back up since removing everything to paint. We still need a little something on the walls next to the mirror but we haven’t found what we like yet. All in good time.

Oh, ummm… no attention to our unmade bed with purple sheets. Those too will be coordinated with the new room colors….eventually.



One of the world’s best inventions

For the past two years, the Smith family started a new, fun tradition for Christmas. One gift bought has to come from a designated place. This year and last year, it was a pharmacy. We’re learning that we will quickly run out of gift options if we kept it at a pharmacy. There are only so many “As seen on TV” things that can be purchased. So future years, we’ll decide on different places….grocery stores, gas stations, etc. It’s really been entertaining.

One of the gifts (actually, two people got it this year) is a stop sign that starts blinking when your car taps it. It tells you when you’ve pulled far enough in the garage. Patrick’s truck fits in our garage with literally about 2″ to spare. This brilliant little stop sign makes it so you don’t need two people to perform that task anymore. Gotta love that!



Patrick drawing up the first shot.

I debated on whether or not to put this subject in my year of photos. But since it’s a big part of this year for us, I figured it would almost be silly to leave them out. Today starts the series of shots for me. Two in the morning and two at night. Thankfully, Patrick is ok with giving them to me. I know I’ll eventually have to give my own but just don’t want to do it right off the bat.



Lots of snow

Lots of snow here in Columbus. Lots of snow. Seems like it’s snowed for days. When is spring getting here?



Luminaries line the church sidewalk

Epiphany is celebrated on January 6 to commemorate the presentation of the infant Jesus to the Magi. St. Luke had an Epiphany service this year, I believe for the first time.



Biannual dentist appointment

This, I believe, is self-explanatory. I never said these photos would be all that intersting. I just said I’d take some.



filler 2

Um….yeah. See January 3.



filler 1

Well, it’s only January 3 and I’ve already failed in my commitment to take one photo a day, every day for a year. But as “they” say, don’t sweat the small stuff and this most definitely counts as small stuff. I’m not going to beat myself up too much about it. Instead, as I mentioned early on, I’m going to post on these missed days a filler/fluffy photo. This is the first of what is sure to be many of them.



Devonshire Elementary School gymnasium

Patrick asked if I could help him do a ropes course inspection. It was at an experiential education elementary school. Our friend is principal of this school. Our other friend’s sister painted all the walls with this gorgeous mountain scene so it almost feels for the kids like they’re summiting a real mountain amongst these great wilderness animals as they scale the climbing wall.



Shandra and Terry helping us ring in the new year with champagne that tasted like liquid candy.

New Years Day. This photo was taken around 2:00AM but that still counts as a January 1 picture. We had fun spending the evening Shandra and Terry (quite literally two of the nicest people on the planet).


A couple of my friends spoke of trying to take one photo a day for a full year. I think that’s such a neat idea and so I decided I wanted to try to do that too. This year, I believe, will be a big one for me and my husband. We’re expecting exciting things to happen.

I started taking the pictures on New Years Day, 2010. Today is already January 11. I’m realizing that promising one photo per day takes a little more work than I imagined. I’ve already missed a couple days. So when that happens, I’ll use a “filler” photo. You’ll know it when you see it.

One last thing, I’m going to post the pictures in order from bottom to top. That way, the newest photos will always be the first thing that you see when you reach this page. If you actually get to where you’ve looked at and read about every picture in this year, no doubt, you are someone who cares a great deal about me and/or Patrick. Thanks for being a part of our lives.

  1. Kim Davalos says:

    I just got caught up on your blog and I love your daily pics! I’m believing this is going to be a fantastic year for you and P too! I can’t wait to see your photos! xo, Kim

  2. Tami says:

    I’m diggin’ this daily photo stuff Jenny. I love getting the glimpses of your day to day happenings in pictures. I’m subscribed and waiting. 🙂

  3. Tami says:

    I got my lightscope and I LOVE IT!!!! For $24 that thing rocks!

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