Lately, I have had need to create some different little pieces of art for my day job. Vector art. Also known as line art. I was in need of vector art for one thing or another and was having trouble finding what I needed so I had to create it myself. We ended up not using these and I didn’t like the thought of all that time going to waste. So I started thinking that I may as well share with the rest of the world in case anyone else finds themselves in the same search I did. Hopefull this will be useful to someone so I can feel like my time was better-spent.

WordPress would not let me upload .ai files for “security reasons” (whatever that means). The files that you can download are PDFs that can be brought into Illustrator or some other vector graphics editing program to use to your liking. Just click on the image, it will open a new window showing the PDF. You should be able to save to your computer from there. Feel free to use these three vector files as you wish.



Yellow van


Purple Salvia

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In May of 2010, I found myself on my first tv (commercial) shoot in Charleston, West Virginia. The commercial had several different scenes around town: a gas station, a restaurant, a bowling alley, a stream, a baseball park, etc. One of the scenes was a garden center. There’s a lot of down time during these things while the crew sets everything up. So naturally, I entertained myself taking pictures of anything and everything I saw. The garden center felt like a field day for me as far as photo opportunities. Remember Field Day in elementary school? Man, I loved Field Day and looked forward to it every year. I was too shy to try out for sports when I was younger so I was especially grateful for organized events where everyone participated without standing out from the crowd. I actually did pretty well in the events too.

But I digress. Back to the garden center.

Aw, heck. Forget it. These shots a probably pretty self-explanatory. They’re flowers, for crying out loud. What more needs to be said?

It’s been forever since I posted a new photo on this site. Life seems to get busier and spare time lessens. But it is that perfect time of year to take a moment and enjoy the people and the things that make you happy. For anyone who might read this, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and an amazing new year ahead. God bless.

6 months

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I got together with my friend this weekend to take her son’s 6 month photos. Here’s what I have to say about this little guy….


I have a hankering for BABY!!

I just got back from Telluride, Colorado. I must live there. I must.

It was beautiful. And peaceful. And stunning. And, did I say beautiful?! All the Aspens were well on their way to turning a brilliant gold. We were just a few days shy of peak colors. The first day we were there, there were small patches of yellow popping up. Every single morning, we’d get up and remark about the degree of chance since the day before. It almost looked like the yellow hue was slowly spilling out onto the other green leaves. I think if we were there three more days, we would have seen almost all gold. I’m not complaining, of course. It was still stunning.

Holding out until the end

There’s something about Aspens that intrigue me. I like them more than the average tree out there. Maybe it’s because an Aspen grove is, if I’m not mistaken, the largest single organism on the planet. The whole grove shares one common root system. Or maybe it’s because when the wind blows through the leaves, I can close my eyes and think of all the people who have passed before me. And when I take the time to listen, it sounds like they are giving applause and cheering me on.

I tried a different approach to the textures this time. Instead of having discernible images like bricks or rocks or grass, I decided to intentionally blur the images I was taking. Like….big. Lots of blur! I didn’t want to be able to make out what I was shooting at all. I made it all about the lights and darks. Then I used those blurry images and placed them over this lovely windmill photo. Result is kind of cool. Kind of dreamlike. Kind of fiery.

Windmill texture

Here’s how I did it. I took my original windmill photo…

Original windmill

…and I ran a Vintage action on that I got from The Pioneer Woman website. (I love that website!) The Vintage action is housed in the Pioneer Woman Action Set 1 – UPDATED link. There are some other cool actions in Action Set 2 but that’s not what this post is about. So anyway. Yes. Vintage.

This is how it looks now.

Windmill with Vintage action

THEN….I took this mustard colored texture (seen below) and put it on a layer on top of the vintage photo. I changed the mode (in the layers palette) to Overlay and left the opacity at 100%.

mustard texture

And THEN…..I put another texture, this sky and trees…if you will…on top of the mustard colored one for, as my Dad would say, shits and giggles. I set the mode for this layer on Overlay as well and left the opacity at 100%.

Sky texture

Voila! Hot fiery windmill photo…..whatever that means.

Final windmill


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Oh holy good grief. There are beautiful children everywhere I look. My heart just melts every time I see another one. I think I might steal her.