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My husband and I just got back from being in our friends’ wedding in Scottsdale. It was an awesome, long weekend and the wedding couldn’t have been more perfect for them. I smile thinking about it.

While walking around their neighborhood on day, I came across this bush with sweet little orange flowers. I must have spend 20 minutes taking different photos around it. This one is one of my favorites. The title is in honor of our friends.

In Love

Shutter Speed: 1/1300
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 57mm
ISO: 160

…then cropped to square, used the Creamy Cyan photoshop action and added a slight texture over the top. Voila!


Purple Salvia

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Photography
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In May of 2010, I found myself on my first tv (commercial) shoot in Charleston, West Virginia. The commercial had several different scenes around town: a gas station, a restaurant, a bowling alley, a stream, a baseball park, etc. One of the scenes was a garden center. There’s a lot of down time during these things while the crew sets everything up. So naturally, I entertained myself taking pictures of anything and everything I saw. The garden center felt like a field day for me as far as photo opportunities. Remember Field Day in elementary school? Man, I loved Field Day and looked forward to it every year. I was too shy to try out for sports when I was younger so I was especially grateful for organized events where everyone participated without standing out from the crowd. I actually did pretty well in the events too.

But I digress. Back to the garden center.

Aw, heck. Forget it. These shots a probably pretty self-explanatory. They’re flowers, for crying out loud. What more needs to be said?

This is our one sunflower of the year. I planted several large and small varieties and they were all doing fairly well. But we’ve had some terribly strong winds and rains over the past several months. Really strange weather this year. And one by one, the heavy rains would take down another soldier. Even this one, as pretty as it is, was found lying on the ground. But I cut it off the broken stalk and placed it in a vase and it has been holding strong. It’s starting to fade now but at least I was able to save it for a few days to live out its purpose and shine.

Center cut

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Photography
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I was making my coffee this morning as I passed that yellow tulip that I pulled from our yard and placed in a vase on the kitchen island. Right next to the island is the back door. Glass door. Back yard on the other side. The tulip has opened and it caught my eye with the sunlight backlighting it. Pretty.

backlit tulip