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I was driving through one of the coolest neighborhoods in Columbus the other morning. It’s called Short North. It’s full of art galleries, bars/restaurants, stores and some of the more eclectic folks seen around town, especially in the evenings. But I was driving through around 9:00AM when the streets are remarkably calmer. There’s such a nice quiet that takes over the area in the mornings. You’ll mostly see shop owners sweeping off their steps, some of the more active people running down the sidewalks and friends sitting at a cafe table catching up on their week. This day, the sun was out, the trees were at the start of their spring bloom and peace took over the air. I do love the Short North.

These arches are the architectural signature of the Short North.


Caution: Children playing

My nephew playing on his scooter. I love that my sister has taken the precautions to put the sign out stating that there are children present. So many people fly through residential streets without a care in the world and they put our kids at risk. It’s wild to me, though, to think of the differences between now and back when I was a kid. My nephew has the caution sign and the safety helmet. Which is smart, don’t get me wrong. It’s just strange to think that “when I was a kid” (that’s how you know you’re getting old), no one wore helmets or had signs. Our parents didn’t know where we were and that was ok as long as we were home when the street lights came on. Not only did we not wear seat belts but we actually rode down the highway in the back of a pickup truck and we’d fight over who got to ride on the wheel hump. It’s amazing that we all survived such precarious living.

This photo was taken in Chicago over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I had a couple hours to waste before I needed to catch my plane. I normally take most of my photos in color and then decide if I want to change them up later. This series I set the camera on black and white. It seems to capture the vibe of the city better. Sometimes, color gets in the way.

Chicago streetscape

Chicago streetscape